Group Exhibition Between Waves

Group Exhibition
Between Waves

BLAA GALLERI is pleased to announce BETWEEN WAVES – a group exhibition by Elena Biner, Matvey Slavin, Henry the Rabbit, Jan Panev, Meik Brusch, Red Tweny and Kaj Flemming Nielsen

These principles are the guides used to make this group exhibition. All the selected works have to look great together, combine together to make the sum greater than the individual parts. But there has to be a balance – the artworks have to be strong enough to be able to stand alone, to be the one and only. It is a push and pull in opposite directions, and the process involves killing off darlings East and West. The language is more abstract this time around, and the colors are deliberately vibrant after a long, bleak winter.

This exhibition is a selection of works from
Elena Biner
Matvey Slavin
Henry the Rabbit
Jan Panev
Meik Brusch
Red Tweny
Kaj Flemming Nielsen

1st of March – 16th of April 2021





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